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New Construction in Nebraska

We offer a wide variety of Tremco® Waterproofing Products.

waterdog waterproofing for new construction in nebraskaWatchdog® is a waterproofing membrane that is designed specifically for poured concrete foundations. It features a flexible, polymer-enhanced waterproofing membrane that is spray-applied to seamlessly bridge foundation settling cracks. This exclusive membrane remains elastic at low temperatures to provide year-round water resistance. Watchdog® comes with a 10 year transferable performance warranty.

TUFF-N-DRI® system, the nation's #1 brand of basement waterproofing, has been keeping basements leak-free since 1983. Tuff-N-DRI® is the only basement waterproofing system with performance that exceeds its 30-year transferable performance warranty. The secret is a unique system that combines an elastic membrane with a high-quality foundation board. This means homeowners can confidently install drywall, plush carpets, fine furniture, expensive home entertainment systems, office equipment and exercise machines.

Warm-N-Dri® Board is a rigid fiberglass board that is installed on the exterior of your foundation walls as part of the TUFF-N-DRI® system.

Drainstar® strip drain product is designed to be used in combination with TUFF-N-DRI®, and WATCHDOG® WATERPROOFING products. DrainStar® can replace traditional drain tile and gravel systems, bringing you a variety of attractive advantages.

With DrainStar®, your contractor can install an effective foundation drainage system at the same time as your basement waterproofing system. You'll save scheduling time and hassles with just one contractor contact.

New Construction Services from Jerry's Waterproofing

If you are building new construction and are looking for ways to prevent basement water and foundation problems, New Construction Services from Jerry's WaterproofingJerry's Waterproofing has all of the solutions that you need. The brands listed above are some of the best in the business when it comes to protecting your new construction from structural and waterproofing issues. Some of the products that help to keep water issues from occurring in your new construction include:

  •  Waterproofing Membrane
  • Drainage Board
  • Exterior Drainage Systems
  • Strip Drain Products

These are some of the products that we will install in your new construction to make sure that you will not have to deal with basement moisture. Contact the team at Jerry's Waterproofing for these great new construction solutions in Nebraska and Iowa.

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