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Egress Windows in Omaha, NE

Here at Jerry's Waterproofing, we are professional egress window installers who offer great top of the line window well products manufactured by Bilco. Whether you are building a new home with a finished basement or remodeling your basement for an additional bedroom or living area, you will find information below on why you should install an egress window and egress window well in your home.

Why Install an Egress Window?

  • egress window Iowa, NebraskaEgress windows provide an emergency escape. - If you have a living space, particularly a bedroom in the basement, an egress window allows family members to escape from the basement and other areas on the upper floors that may be blocked by smoke or flames.
  • Egress windows allow emergency workers an entrance. - In case of a fire or medical emergency and the other entrances are locked or blocked by smoke or flame, egress windows allow firefighters and emergency personnel an easier way to enter the home.
  • Egress windows provide light. - Especially if the basement is to be used as a living area, installing an egress window provides natural light. It also provides a way for gardeners and indoor plant growers to keep plants in the basement.
  • Egress windows are required by law. - In most communities in Nebraska and Iowa, if you are building a one- or two-story home with a basement or remodeling your basement to add an apartment or extra bedroom, you are required by law to provide an egress window. These laws are strictly enforced in new residential homes.

Egress Window Wells

Jerry's Waterproofing offers two great window well products to fulfill your family's needs. Click on the links below to find additional information on these products and help you feel at ease about their quality.

Bilco's stakWEL Window Well System

Bilco's scapeWEL Window Well System

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